May 10 Worship Service

Happy Mother’s Day! 

Thank you for worshipping with us today.

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Sunday, May 10, 2020

MothersDay_SuzannaWesley-PrayerMother’s Day brings a mix of emotions. People who have lost their mother are faced with grieving on Mother’s Day. Some women anticipate the birth of their first child while step-moms may wonder what their role is. Some mothers carry the angst of children who have turned from God, or are overwhelmed with pain from the loss of a child, or burdened with regret due to abortion. And many people are able to rise up and rejoice they have known a mother, whether related by blood or by love, who has nurtured, loved, and disciplined them. Regardless what you face this Mother’s Day, we pray more….


Order of Service

CALL TO WORSHIP    Jerry Birkholz
PASTORAL PRAYER     Jerry Birkholz

MESSAGE    Isaac Karpenske
“Holy Living as We Await His Return”
1 Thessalonians 4:1-12

Music for this Worship Service can be found at Worship Service Music for May 10.
Sermon Notes can be found at Sermon Notes – 1 Thess. 4:1-12.

Mercy Me’s version of the song Isaac references in his sermon, “Give Us Clean Hands,” is on this week’s Worship  Service Music playlist and the lyric is on this week’s sermon notes.  Isaac’s preferred version by Shane & Shane is here.


A longer music playlist for Mother’s Day including music corresponding to today’s message can be found at Mother’s Day Music, May 10.

For additional worship music — including a new song from Caleb Kudlo — please click the link at the bottom of the page.


There is no Sunday School today, as is normal for Mother’s Day at FBCNR.


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